2003 Styriarte – Königin der Operette
The major roles of Marie Geistinger – from Offenbach to Johann Strauß  Alexandra Reinprecht (soprano), The Girardi Ensemble Graz and Franz Solar (narrator);
Schauspielhaus Graz
2004/2005/2006 Jeunesse Österreich, Siemens Forum Wien, Graz, Klagenfurt
Children’s Opera „Hänsel und Gretel“ by Engelbert Humperdinck
Karl Markovics (narrator) and The Girardi Quartet Graz betake themselves to a fairyland and travel all over Austria to tell their tale
2006 Styriarte  - Ein Himmel hängt voller Geigen
Harald Martin Winkler (café violinist) and The Girardi Ensemble Graz recount the history of the Waltz musically – a history on its path to happiness: millions of hearts have been raised to higher realms in three-four time.
Eggenberg Castle
2007 Styriarte – Der Kongress tanzt
Otto Schenk (recitation) and The Girardi Ensemble Graz
With the purest Viennese attitude to life, Otto Schenk is portraying an Usher at the Congress of Vienna remembering the times when Prince Metternich was still alive until the day the Prussians came. With large, vivacious tunes, The Girardi Ensemble take away the audience into the time of glittering ball nights.
Grazer Congress, Stefaniensaal
2007 Serenata – Tangomania
Luis Borda (guitar), Marcelo Mercadante (bandoneon) and The Girardi Ensemble Graz
In the bordello of Paris, Astor Piazolla studies the torrid art of Tango before transforming it into the Tango Nuevo. Together with bandoneon and guitar the string players of The Girardi Ensemble take a tour over the dance floor – Latin-American instead of Classic, Tango instead of Waltz.
Joanneumhof Graz
2008  Styriarte - Titanic
Thomas Höft (narrator) and The Girardi Ensemble Graz
With works by Brahms, Bizet, et al. The Girardi Ensemble Graz pay tribute to the courageous musicians, who unselfishly renounced their own rescue by certainly mastering one of the most difficult concerts in the history of music.
Seifenfabrik Graz
2008 International Operetta Contest in Velden/Wörthersee
With Viennese esprit, The Girardi Ensemble Graz leads the finalists of the contest of the Kärntner Sparkasse to success (
2012 – Meerscheinmatinee Chamber Concert with rarities for oboe and strings
Andreas Pöttler (oboe) and The Girardi Quartet perform works by Mozart, Haydn and Francaix
Meerscheinschlössl Graz
2012 Styriarte - Fanny und Felix
Thomas Höft (narrator) and The Girardi Ensemble Graz
Together with Thomas Höft, the Girardi Ensemble Graz recounts the story of the child geniuses Fanny and Felix Mendelssohn’s youth and of their music