A Waltz Dream

The magnificent years of the Danube-Monarchy can easily be classified under one term: Johann Strauß Junior. The vibrant life of the monarchy melted together with Strauß’ tones and sounds to a captivating style which aroused enthusiasm all over the world and was admired from Russia to America.
With the greatest of ease Strauß manages to combine entertainment and high musical demands.
The artistic director of the Girardi Ensemble Graz is Harald Martin Winkler, a café violinist just as Johann Strauß’ Junior himself. Full concentration and enthusiasm are combined with high musical quality. The main objective of the Girardi Ensemble is to reproduce the vital and lively classical Viennese music which has been filling the concert halls for centuries.
The chamber-music formation uses carefully worked out arrangements, faithful to the original score of the composers.
The Girardi Ensemble ignites a musical firework with the most beautiful compositions of the “The Waltz King” Johann Strauß Junior and his contemporaries. The audience can enjoy hours of Viennese charm with waltzes, polkas and songs of a very high artistic level, letting them evade into the long-forgotten days of the Biedermeier period.